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What’s the problem?stressful living

Stress is the emotional and physical strain caused by our response to pressure from the outside world.

How much stress an individual will feel depends on their personality, health and other factors. 

To Live Life Well doesn’t mean that you’ll never experience any stress.  In fact, stress is not always a bad thing.  For example, stress might come from exams or work and this can keep us motivated and provide a sense of achievement once the stressful time has passed.  However, its how much, how often and how we cope with stress that are important.

One of the key reasons you should learn to recognise and manage your stress is that it can lead to health problems.  When we feel under stress, our body kicks into high gear to deal with the threat. Our heartbeat, breathing rate and blood pressure increase.

The longer we feel stressed, the greater the demand on our body.  The more often we are placed under stress, the more often we have to use energy to cope. Eventually our bodies develop illnesses as a reaction to this stress. 

Being stressed too often and not managing it, can also impact upon other lifestyle factors.  For example, often people smoke and drink more when they are stressed.   Not managing stress may lead to increased anxiety, depression, irritability, aggression, and sleep disturbances.




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