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How will I know if I am stressed?stress

We all suffer from feeling stressed sometime.   We feel stress for lots of reasons. A crisis can make us feel stressed, but so can everyday issues, like worrying about work or money, relationship or family problems.  Although a certain amount of stress is normal, too much can contribute to physical and psychological health problems.  

It's important to be aware of stress and know how to find good ways of coping with it.

Everybody responds to stress differently.  In some people the responses that stress can trigger may be physical while others display their stress in psychological or behavioural ways. 

Stress can make you feel anxious, tense or irritable.  You may also feel overwhelmed by everything you need to do.  Physically you may feel run down and tired, with little energy.  Being stressed might make it hard for you to relax, particularly if you’re thinking about all the things you have to do. 

Look out for some of these signs:

  • increased blood pressure
  • increased heart rate
  • increased muscle tension
  • headaches
  • increased anxiety
  • depression
  • aggression
  • confusion
  • increased smoking
  • increased drinking
  • irritability
  • obsessive concern with trivial issues
  • poor work performance
  • difficulty sleeping.


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